Na Lian Garden and Nunnery

All of my friends are abroad as well and so far it seems like Hong Kong has the most organized Welcome/Orientation Program. Additionally to many speeches of (allegedly) representative students and the president of CUHK, they organized a shopping trip to IKEA, where we could by all the stuff, that is missing in our rooms: like blankets or a pillow.
But prior to that we visited the Na Lian Garden and the Chi Lin Nunnery. It was beautiful but so unbelievable hot, that (after an hour) we were only thinking about the AC in the shopping mall. But as you can see, I also learned some things during our tour and could take some pictures.

Some facts about Chinese gardens:

  1. Before you are able to enter the garden you will see something, that looks a little bit like one of the walls of those temples. That is a dividing wall, which separates the wild, loud outside from the quiet and peace inside the garden and temple.
  2. Though there is a lot of green in these garden, you seldom will find flowers. If you find any, they might have a special meaning and are symbols for a long life.
  3. The rocks in those gardens are symbols for stability; the trees stand for longevity and the gras/sand symbolizes the water and its continuity.
  4. The temples are built without any nails.
  5. The colors gold and orange are taken over from the Japanese.


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