Mr. Wongs & Magnum

Meet the ‘IKEA-Family’ – my group to go out with for this evening 😉
Two clubs in HK organized this huuuuge event for all the exchange students in HK and we did not want to miss this. So we went for dinner to Mr. Wongs (located in Mong Kok) where you get an all you can eat and drink(!!!!) deal for 60 HK$. It is a must-have for every exchange student and Mr Wong is absolutely hilarious! If you ask nicely you may also get some wine or coke for free instead of beer.

The first club we went to is called ‘Magnum’. If you do not like really loud music you should never go there and if you do not like Mainstream you definitely should not go there. But if you just want to have a great night with friends, dancing without talking and experiencing funny moments on the dance floor … then this is the perfect place to start one of your first nights out in HK.
But be aware that in HK there is also a very strong AC on the dance floor. Which is great if you do not want to sweat so much (and to be honest, who does want that?!), but if you easily get a cold, do not dance right under the AC 😉

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