HK Skyline

At some point I started to go for a run after a night out, so that is how I started my last day of our Orientation Week, after sitting in an information lecture. Then we paired up and went to HK Island to FINALLY buy our sim card. Living without data is not a real life anymore, which is why we felt so relieved when we received our WhatsApp and Facebook Messages again 😀 Strolling through the Malls and looking for some food we could not help but to try some of this cute stuff (just look at the pic).
Since it was about 34 degrees celsius outside, we craved some really good ice cream. Let it be said that ice cream in HK is not cheap. But if you get one here, before you go on the ferry, it will at least be good! 🙂 I did also not know, where ice cream originally comes from, but they explained it all (picture).

If you visit HK you have to take at least one ferry ride to the island. We took the one back from HK island to Kowloon. Guys, just look at this amazing view.

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