Wholesale Fruit Market – Flower Market

University started yesterday and now there is not so much time left to explore our surroundings. But no worries, we will always find a way!

Since class would start not before 3pm, Hannah and I explored Kowloon a little bit more. This time we started at Jordan and walked up to the Wholesale Fruits Market in Yau Ma Tei. From there we just kept walking and found one market after the other. In and around Mong Kok you can buy everything from fruits to chicken, frogs, taps, springs, etc. There is so much stuff that would have been thrown away in Germany, while they use it, to fix your car or your household. They will make use of it until it is completely broken.

Following Nathan Rd. and the signs you will easily find the flowers – just follow the (good) smell 😉
Yuen Po St. Bird Garden and Flower Market do belong to the attractions tourists should visit during their stay in Hong Kong. It is admission free and you do not have to walk the whole way like we did, but can take the MTR to Prince Edward instead and just follow the signs. To see the Flower Market at its busiest you should come at any day after 10 am, but especially on Sundays after 10 am.

Since it was also Simrans birthday, we went out to Lan Kwai Fong, or how the locals call it LKF. THE party street on HK Island.

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