Leaving Hong Kong after two weeks – Seoul here I come!

Though I basically arrived two weeks ago, I already took the chance to see more of Asia. Join me on a trip to South Korea: Seoul 🙂

I booked quite late and only wanted a cheap flight, which made me book with Hong Kong Express. For 80 Euro I flew (4 hours) to Seoul. It was not really comfortable, but since I just wanted to get there as quick as possible I did not care.

Arriving at the airport (ICN) I took the bus (6002) to Hapjeong Station (takes about an hour and will cost you 10.000 WON), because I booked this amazing (!!!) hostel in Hongdae, a part of Seoul. If you ever visit Seoul and are traveling on your own or just want to stay in a cheap backpacker hostel, this is the right address for you: Zzzip Guesthouse. Located in a vivid neighborhood full of restaurants and bars and coffee shops open 24/7, it is the perfect place to stay. Breakfast is included, the bathrooms are totally fine and you get help with organizing your trip in Seoul from famous Jinah and her husband (I forgot his name, shame on me!). They will remember your name even after 5 years and speak perfect English – which is not always the case in Korea.

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