Gyeongbokgung Palace

Fun Fact: If you wear the traditional dress of Korea you are allowed to enter every temple or palace for free. But do not ask me how much such a dress costs…

Here you can see two optional dresses

If you have entered the palace-areal you will see many people taking pictures but also some quite areas – just as it is outside the palace walls.

This also looks beautiful when you visit during autumn.

Right in front of the National Folk Museum of Korea you will find a circle of statues, symbolizing different chinese characters.
I hope you payed attention so far. My character is the … ?


Here I also met my first Japanese friends, that wanted to take a picture with the ginger-giiiirl…

I loved those ladies. They did not speak one word english but we had fun! 😀
When you explored the history of Korea and leave the palace areal you stumble directly into Bukchon Village. A sweet little village where you can (of course) buy a lot of coffee, find nice authentic boutiques and can easily spent the afternoon.

From there I walked past the Changdeokgung Palace and even discovered a hidden temple.



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