The tour continues…

From there I past the Jongmyo Shrine, walked through Gwangjang Market (finally a real street market!) and followed the Cheonggyecheon Stream


to Heunginjimun Gate. That is not far away of the famous DDP – Dongdaemun Design Plaza, where you can find one of Zaha Hadid‘s designs.

There you can spend hours strolling through shops and museum, exploring the different local interpretations of DESIGN.

Following the streets of Seoul I kept walking to the Korea House: You can book tea sessions or weddings here or just come to see a traditional theater.

Right next to it I walked into Namsangol Hanok Village, where they display examples for a korean way of living and also explain the traditions and culture.

If you keep walking you will not only see the time capsule but find a path to the Seoul Tower.

There will be a lot of stairs, but it is manageable and so much more exciting then just taking the gondola! So keep walking, follow the signs and if you do not know in what direction you are walking, just ask. Everybody understands the words ‘Seoul Tower’.
By the way, if you did not know this before: Seoul is pronounced ‘Sol’. (Now they will definitely understand what you are talking about)


If you are right on time, you will also be able to see another Guard-Show:


Walking down I was so famished that I did not really care where I would end up, so long as they would provide me with something decent to eat. I found a cute little Italian restaurant, that was expensive but good! And it saved me from starving that day. From there on I walked south again, a little bit exhausted (just so you know, at that point it was 5 pm) and on my way to the War Memorial of Korea.
Since I did not plan anything for this trip besides my hostel and the flights it was no surprise that the museums in that area where about to close at 6pm and so I gave up for that day, looked for the next subway station and went home again.


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