War or Art?

This day was supposed to be my museum-day. I started at 9 at the Leeum-Samsung Museum of Art. Unfortunately, they do not open at 9 but at 10.30. Which gave me the opportunity to walk around the area, pass many embassies and drink some more coffee, while witnessing a foto shoot.

You are not supposed to take pictures, but it is an absolutely amazing exhibition of old Korean Art and pottery to modern paintings and sculptures. If you have the time in Seoul, please visit. And if you are a student, remember to bring your valid student ID – that will give a 50% discount so that this exhibition will cost you about 5000 WON.

From there you can easily walk through Itaewon and visit the War Memorial of Korea. Really impressive and obviously build under American influence, but with a lot  emotional impact. Take your time with this one and if you are more the one museum at a time type of guy than please do this one on another day. It tells you the whole Korean history from the very beginning over several wars and alliances up to the Korean War, that Рunbelievable but true Рstill is not over. In a brilliant way they make it possible to feel connected to the Korean warriors and also provide one floor (out of three!) for the soldiers that were sent by different countries for their help.


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