Big Wave Bay – Dragon Festival

Some time has passed without many activities besides normal university life and swim practice. But since the weather was really nice these days we decided to finally go to the beach. And though Hong Kong is surrounded by water it takes you a long time to arrive at your final destination.
We picked out “Big Wave Bay” (you will find the description of how to get there here, as well as some other beach-options), because I expected it to be not so crowded.
It will take you about two hours to get there, starting from Kowloon, because you first have to take the MTR, then the bus and then walk about 15 minutes. But it is worth it. And when you come back, just take the little buses to Sheu Kei Wan – they will cost you 12 HK$ and you will have to pay in cash, but they are really fast and you will not have to walk.
If you are into surfing you can do it here as well 🙂

After relaxing at the beach, going into the water and successfully finding our way back we split up and I met with my roomie Luisa and Cerasela for the famous Tai Hang Dragon Dance in Victoria Park at HK Island. If you want to really see anything that day be there way before 8.15pm (official start) and fight for a good place. Otherwise all that you will see will be the iPhones and people in front of you.

So unfortunately my pictures are not really good but you can find some great ones here.

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