The Bride’s Pool

The perfect way to forget that you had a bad day is going for a hike. Which is what Hannah and I did today.

We took the MTR to Tai Po Market and then the bus 20C to Tai Mei Tuk. From there just follow the signs. If you really do not want to miss the Bride’s Nature Trail or the Pool itself just follow the street up into the Nature. Walking will take you about 45 minutes and is not exhausting but quite relaxing – it is finally possible to think again without the constant noise of a big city and the buzz of many people around you. We missed the Nature Trail but can highly recommend using the street if it is about to get dark on your way back – there are monkeys in those trees and they are not friendly.
Arriving at the first entrance we followed the signs to the Mirror Pool and swiftly went into the waterfall basin, please don’t tell anyone 😉

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Then we went on our way to the brides pool – we luckily did not fall in.
(The pool got his name when a bride was carried over the bridge, but they slipped so that she fell into the pool and drowned…)


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