It was a beautiful hot saturday and Katerina, Ilaria, Luisa and I went for some breakfast at Gladys’ Estate Coffee Shop. It is an amazing place with really great food and coffee, so if you ever have some time in the Kowloon area, step by and enjoy. But do not expect the breakfast to be much. Asian people do not eat a lot (at least not compared to Luisa and me 😀 ) and so we were a little disappointed by the amount of food that we got. But still, we ordered salmon and avocado for breakfast. My guess is that there is only a certain amount of salmon that you are allowed to eat and it still looks classy 😉

Taking the bus from Kowloon to Kennedy Town might be cheaper but it takes also soooo much longer. Ilaria and I nearly fell asleep, until she showed me some features of Snap Chat (Yes, I am still resisting the social pressure to join the popular group using snap chat).

Though we originally wanted to find a nice coffee place in Kennedy Town and just walk a bit we were so tired (of doing nothing. I know, how is that possible?), so we sat down at the waterfront and just enjoyed the moment. Carpe diem right?

Though it was very hard, we went out again in the evening: it was the 67th birthday of China, that traditionally was celebrated with 23 minutes fireworks. Far more interesting then the fireworks were all the people that gathered at the waterfront of Hung Hom to be part of the spectacle: they were enjoying it so much, screaming with joy at every new color or formation.


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