Discovering the Philippines.

First of all: Everybody loves the Philippines. I haven’t met anyone, who will tell you DON’T GO!

But because of the political situation I decided (back in Germany) not to travel to the Philippines and come back when it would be safer. Being on exchange changes some things, so when a group of students wanted to do a scuba diving trip, I spontaneously (i know, haha – me and spontaneity…) joined them. In the end, it was only Sam and me going, but that’s not the point.

Since I really want to see more of this country I will only give you some facts on this side and have other sides for each island 🙂

Fact number 1: The Philippines became independent on 4th July 1946 and (fun fact) are slightly larger than Arizona, USA.

Fact number 2 is that you really have a hard time deciding, where to go. You cannot say “I just want to see one of the islands”. The Philippines consist of 7 107 – just pick one.

More than 80% are catholic and you can survive with English here, we did not have any problems. And if they do not understand you, keep smiling and use your hands and feet.

Most important facts (well, my personal impression): The food is amazing; if you don’t like Chinese food, I would still advice you to try the Filipino version because it tastes way different and is really good. Did I say that I love the food?

Oh and the nature. Dear God, so beautiful! Lots of green and underwater you basically see the whole cast from Finding Nemo…

Last personal fact: prepare yourself. Inform yourself and research where you are going. I got a bit of a culture shock, because I did not expect it to be that poor. Sure, I never have been to a really poor country, but still seeing some of the “houses” and living conditions shocked me. It makes you think about what you have in life and you are going to be thankful.

So, let’s discover the Philippines! 🙂


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