Traveling to Mindoro.

Sam and I arrived in the Philippines (yesterday) and stayed in the Citystate Tower Hotel in Manila for one night. There we got breakfast as well and could also book the bus to Batangas, already including the ferry ride to Puerto Galera (Mindoro). We payed 900 pesos per person, which is way more then you pay if you just pay at the bus and then at the ferry (about double as much). Since Manila is a very busy town it took us about an hour to really leave the city.

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After we left Manila we could see so much greenery. Though I must say that I only took some more pictures out of the bus and when it was clear, that we would not see much more then green, I fell asleep…

At the Batangas peer we payed our taxes and then took one of those ferries, that are painted in beautiful colors.

First stop: Sabang, on of Mindoro’s bays and apparently the place, where a lot of the Korean tourist go. Finally (it took us 2 hours with this ferry) we arrive at our hotel. It was called the Sea Jewel Hotel Resort (or something like that). And if you are thinking of visiting the White Beach, do not go there. It was okay but we paid way too much for what we got and I constantly feared of breaking something.
Anyway. As you might have guessed the weather was not really sunny. But I did not mind the rain and Sam even found the Scuba Diving School our group originally had planned to go to and started his diving lessons right away. I just went for a walk and was, for the first but definitely not the last time, confronted with all those people that wanted to sell me something I did not even know I needed.


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