Pancake Vulcano and – ME

Today I got to sleep in and go for some breakfast on my own. On my own. That is important! Just look at the picture:


I just ordered the Pancake Vulcano. Now I know why everyone at that diner looked funny at me. I also tried to be smart about it and ordered some iced coffee, that unfortunately already came with milk and loads of sugar. I can eat a lot. Really. But here even I gave up. And it took me nearly two hours, while I was reading, trying to avoid the women selling stuff like necklaces, until I gave up.

Then I walked along the beach, meeting Baby Ruth and her grandchildren and finally finding a nice quiet place, where I could read.

Though I did not like all those people who wanted to sell me something, I of course… invested … my money in a new hairstyle: Thanks to those nice women on the left, that tried to sell me something everyday, including the one I actually got my hair braided by them. In the end they even knew my name and I recognized them all, no matter where I would meet them.

That day I also got my next tattoo – just joking, it was only Henna and I messed it up, because a wave splashed against my back only minutes after it was finished.


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