Lantau Island

I took this day off. I normally do not have much UNI anyway on Tuesdays, but today I did not even have practice afterwards, so I used the beautiful weather to explore Lantau Island and go for my first hike in Hong Kong.

You either start with the ferry from pier 6 at central to Lantau Island to do the Lantau Island Trail 12 from one side to the other; or you go directly to the Big Buddha by taking the MTR to Lantau Island (last station) and catch the bus 23 or the cable car up.

At some point you will have the opportunity to continue on another path and explore even more from the island. Anna (the girl on the picture, from the Netherlands and currently on vacation in HK, I just met her on the ferry and she spontaneously decided to accompany me)


and I stayed on the track and followed the street at this sign (look at the pictures), so that we finally would come to a bus station and could continue to the Big Buddha. You will follow the street until you arrive in Pui O and there you can eat in a really nice Korean Restaurant! But be aware that the make sufficient use of the AC, so bring a sweater it will be freezing after hiking for 3 hours. Oh yeah thats right: The trail is about 7km and it will take you a minimum of 2 and a half hours to do it. I would suggest you start from Mui Wo, like we did, because I felt like those stairs we had to go up weren’t as cruel as the ones that we had to take to get down again.

From right across the street leaves the bus to the big Buddha. If you have time and the weather is good I would suggest you also bring your bikini and watch carefully, what beaches you pass. Then just ring the bell really fast, so that the bus driver actually stops at the nice beaches and go out and relax there. I wouldn’t recommend going to one of the more public ones because there you also find a lot of garbage at the beach. Also, if you want a bus to take you in, wave your hand, just like you always see it in movies when people want to take a cab. Otherwise they will just ignore you. And it is sometimes helpful to ask the driver at the beginning, if he is driving to your destination, because they might stop for you then, even if you forgot to ring the bell.

Anyway, when you are at the final station, you can just follow all those tourist to big Buddha. Apparently, when the weather is really good, you can already see Buddha from all hiking trails over Lantau 🙂

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You can go to the temple after that and to the village (either before or after you have seen the Big Buddha).


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