The Holiday

My day started at 3.30am, when I took the cab to the HK International Airport. I flew with Jetstar, so if you do at some point in your life, do not be surprised if you don’t get any information as to when your flight is leaving or what terminal, they might not send you an email with all the necessary information at all. But they will have your boarding pass, no worries.

Though my flight was delayed, I started quite relaxed into my last city trip during my time in HK. Taking the MTR to the city, I felt like visiting Berlin and driving in from the airport. Of course there were high buildings, but seriously not comparable with HK!

My hostel The Bohemian Chic was located in China Town, so when I left the MTR Station and directly walked into the Chinese market I sort of felt at home already.

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From there I took my map of Singapore and just started to walk to the first temple in China Town and then into the direction of the Marina Bay Sands hotel – seriously, that’s why you want to come to Singapore, isn’t it?

Walking down the streets I found another the Maxwell Food Center and some nice restaurants on the way as well.
Then I entered The Al-Abrar Mosque, where you can learn a lot about the history of the Indian Muslims in Singapore.


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