Meeting People :)

Waking up early, I finished my breakfast at the hostel before walking from China Town back to little India, while a really dark cloud was raising behind me and then it started raining like it was the end of the world. So I tried to walk anyway and got soaking wet, before I could find a 7-Eleven and by an umbrella.

When it was stopping a little bit I could walk to the Abdul Gaafor Mosque. That mosque has a really nice visitor center, where two people will explain their religion to you and try to answer all the questions you have. You are then allowed to enter the mosque and have a look around and take some pictures as well.

From there I found my way to the Haji Lane. That is the street you should definitely visit if you want to do some shopping, drink a nice coffee or just want to see the painted houses.


This is were I met Margerita – one of the girls I am studying with right now. We enjoyed our day together, found a cute little coffee shop with amazing cake, before we split up again:



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