The Ozone

I have not been out much in Hong Kong, because it is more expensive than at home and I really found lots of other stuff to do.

But since I am only staying in Hong Kong for 4 more weeks, I decided to go all in and do all the crazy stuff anyway. I would regret it otherwise.

So this evening I wanted to go out to a really fancy bar. If you ever have that feeling in Hong Kong, I suggest the Ozone. The highest Bar in Hong Kong serves amazing cocktail combinations and even gives you the first snack for free! I now have been there twice and the second time we even got Popcorn 🙂

The cocktails cost you about 150-185 HK$, but the atmosphere is great and the view over Hong Kong amazing. Even tough it is November, we still could sit outside, listen to nice music, talk and watch down on Hong Kong’s skyline.

How to get there. You take the MTR either to Kowloon Station or Jordan Station and then follow the signs to the ICC. You have to enter the Ritz Carlton first and then use the elevator (if you get the chance, take a picture of that too!) up to floor 118 – if I remember correctly. If you go there after 9pm be aware that causal is not accepted. But even before I would dress up a bit 😉

Georgia and I went there first an could even sit directly at the window!

A few weeks later I came back with Hannah, Luisa and Ilaria and then we got Popcorn ❤


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