Lion Rock

I woke up early and started my tour to the Lion Rock. When Luisa and I tried it the first time, we tried the most common route via Sha Tin Station and up the hill. If you go that way, it will take you about 4 hours to get to the Lion Rock. Follow the street until you see the sign! Don’t (like we did) turn left at the temple and follow the stairs. Follow the street to the right 🙂

Another option, on what I did at our second try, is to take the bus 72 from Kowloon Tong and drive to Chuk Yuen Road (first stop, there are several Chuk Yuen Rd options…). Directly behind the bus stop you can see stairs – follow those up the hill and either turn right at the park entrance or go through the park and follow the stairs. From there you will see enough signs to find the way on your own 🙂

I would recommend to go quite early, in november when it is not that hot anymore and when there are not to many other people going that way – so maybe start around 8am.

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Here you can see the (perfect) second picture spot. After my personal Photoshoot I sat down for some meditation. It is a stunning place.

The only problem is, that this spot still is not the peak. You can see the sign from where you are standing, though, so just follow the path.

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