High Tea

Though the next weeks are getting busier because of the upcoming exams and group presentations, I manage to find some time for the things you should do at least once in Hong Kong: The Afternoon Tea.

I figured, I should do it right and did my research well. So Kieke and I spent our afternoon at Sevva, another nice bar if you want to go out and also a place where you can enjoy little finger food pieces of amazing art work – and it also tasted so good! When you enter the building, you just use this elevator and press SEVVA before πŸ˜€ on the right you can see Kieke and me, though we did not eat outside (that you could do), we at least wanted a picture with the great view;)

For about 900 HK$ (for two people – if you go alone though, you have to pay the 900 on your own) we also got free coffee and tea included. Thank you πŸ˜‰ Another thing: Make sure that you are there at 3pm sharp; they do not have too many of the nice little couches and you do not want to have this great experience at the bar.


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