Hong Kong And The Bike

I see myself as quite lucky, because my floor here at the residence tries to integrate us exchange students. For example did we go for a bike tour today: Katherine (Taiwan), Catherine (HK), Luisa (Italy), Julia and I (both Germany) went to Tai Wai. Right outside is a bike store that gives you bikes for  70 HK$ each and you can return them either at the same station or at Tai Po Market Station (light blue line). Then we just followed the signs along the waterfront to Tai Po! It was a really nice tour, and depending on how fast your group is you can cycle it in less than two hours! And the view is wonderful, the atmosphere is very peaceful and you can even stay somewhere and have a little pique-nique.

After that we went to Tai Wo Station (this does still belong to Tai Po) and went to a Korean Barbecue Place – Oh My God. That was absolutely amazing! The food is so good, only spicy if you want it to be and fast and and and. Just go there (I will update the name of the place later!)!

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