Jumping the Cliff

Julia and I finished (well, I still have one presentation…) our semester here in Hong Kong already and try to do all this stuff, that we still haven’t done yet.
For example cliff jumping. There is this place, where you hike to and then jump from 8 meter high rocks into a blue pool of cold and fresh water, that is part of a stream with apparently eight pools. At the beginning of the semester, almost every exchange student is doing it and I will explain and show you why:

First of all, there are two options how you should plan/do this trip and I will start with the one we did. And then explain what we could have done instead.

  1. Cliff Jumping in one day in November

We took the MTR (green line) from Kowloon Tong to Choi Hung at 9.15 am – 2.9 HK$. There, you choose exit C and take the green Minibus 1A to Sai Kung (it is about 30 minutes and 9 HK$). If you do not have an Octopus Card, make sure to bring coins. You won’t get money back. Get off the bus when you can see the McDonalds sign on your right. To get to the next minibus you will need to go around the building to the main entrance of the McDonalds. There you will see a very old sign that says 29R. That is the bus you will need to take to Sai Wan Pavillon (20 minutes, 17HK$). The next bus did leave at 11.30, so we walked around the town and found so many nice little shops and coffee spots. We spent some time in Little Coves until it was time to take our next ride.

From the Pavillon (which is the last stop of the bus) you follow the sign to Sai Wan. With stopping for pictures this will take you about 50 minutes. We arrived at the beach and enjoyed the peaceful sound of nature, the waves and then walked along the beach until we could access the little stoney trial at the left side of the stream. Follow that one and do not cross the stone bridge! Stay on the left side and climb the way up; then you will already see the pools and as you continue, also the waterfall.


Here you are. Make sure, that you take all your stuff with you, including your litter, when you go back! And then undress, climb the waterfall carefully, and jump from the right side. This is important, because you will not want to hurt yourself, do you? On the left side there are still rocks visible. But from other exchange students and own experience I can say, that so far no one was hurt jumping from the very right spot into the middle of the pool. Be aware that the water is very cold, so at the end of November you might not want to jump more than one time or climb out really fast.

We then changed back into our clothes, watched other young people jump and then hiked back, to get the last bus: it leaves at  4.45pm from Sai Wan Pavillon.
All in all, it was a perfect day! So make sure to do it. 

Or you plan a two day trip and then you should do this:

2. Two Days Trip: Cliff jumping, Beach camping and Hike during the summer

Another option would be to gather with friends and follow these steps:

  • Take the MTR at 9am to Choi Hung and then the minibus, so that you can enjoy your breakfast in Sai Kung. Then take the minibus at 11.30 to Sai Wan Pavillon and hike down to the beach and from there to the Cliff. Stay there the whole day, enjoy the nice, warm and sunny weather. You do not even have to jump, you might as well just relaxe and swim in one of the other pools.
  • Then, in the evening, go back to the beach and rent a tent (250HK$ for 4 people) and camp at the beach! Sai Wan Beach is supposed to be the most beautiful beach in Hong Kong! So enjoy!
  • You do not even have to bring all your food. Right at the Beach there will be two or three houses offering food, with the beach right in front of you. I even saw some surf boards, so you might be able to borrow those.
  • You can also rent a sleeping back (50HK$) and other necessities. And there will be a toilet as well. So why don’t you stay a while? But remember, that it can be quite cold in the night, so please do not only bring your flip flops ( I also would advice you to at least wear sneakers) and shorts.
  • In the morning you either
    • get up early and take the bus back from Sai Wan Pavillon at 9.45am or 12.00pm.
    • get up whenever you want, stay at the beach and take the bus back at 4.45pm.
    • get up whenever you want, stay at the beach, take the boat (150HK$ each) instead of the minibus.
    • get up in time and finish the hike (please look up exact directions and informations somewhere else).

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