Morning in Taipei

Hey Ho! I am on tour again 🎉

This time I will visit Taiwan and unlike many other citizens Germans do not need a Visa for that. It freaked me out in the beginning to be honest, because everyone asked me, whether I already printed that and at the airport I should write my Visa Number on the arrival card. But I just ignored it (well, I did my research on that!) and they didn’t even blink at the passcontroll and let me through 😪 BUT this inly means that I am allowed to stay here for 90 days; so if you are travelling for longer or/in general: Please research the visa information again before flying to Taiwan!!!

So I arrived, bought a simcard with free data for 10 days (500NT$) and got some cash before boarding my bus to the city and then promptly ending up in starbucks because I took a wrong turn and really needed some coffee:

Then I walked through the Tonghua Night Market to my Hostel JV’s Home. It is perfectly located, maybe a bit difficult to find but if you just follow the instructions that you will receive after your booking you will be fine!;)

Here are some impressions of the not so busy night market (well, it was around 1pm at that moment😄)


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