Hot Hot Hot

Actually this time I do not mean to refer to the weather with this title – it is more the exciting fact that Georgia and I visited Beitou to relaxe in the hot springs!

We got up early though and started the day with coffee and waffle with blueberry jam (on my side). 

Then we needed an hour in the MTR to get zu Xienbeitou (which apparentely does not mean anything but “little Beitou”). When you leave the station you will see a map of the tourist attractions right away. Although you will think that everything is way to far spread over town and that it is impossible to do everything in an afternoon. Let me assure you, it is not. I do not now why but in evry Asian country they seem to have a different meaning when it comes to distances than we have in Europe or in America for that matter. If we say that something is “just around the corner” that means literally AT THE CORNER for Asian people. So be prepared to walk out of the station and see the Folk Museum of Taiwan right on your left side. 

From there we followed to the Plum Garden, the Hot Springs, the Hot Springs Museum and the Library. 

We then followed the street to the Steaming Village:

If you continue further up the street you have a chance to eat in an authentic Chinese restaurant:

The soup does not look amazing but was really good: Kimchi Ramen!

Then walk along the road to the Beitou Museum, where you ahould go to after 2pm and get some tea on the terrace (expensive though!). 

If you want to, you can walk further and  visit the Zhen-Garden and have a hot foot bath for 150 NT$ each. Or (like I did) go back down an visit the public Hot Springs for 40NT$ and for 3h (e.g. opening in the afternoon from 1.30pm to 4.30pm). Bring a one piece bathing suit!


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