Elefant Mountain

Today Georgia and I went to the Simple Market and into the coffee shop there.


You can not only have breakfast/coffee/lunch there but also buy organic food and souvenirs, including really nice post cards and handcrafted goods for yourself or friends! We ate fried bagel slices with fresh chocolate cream or peanut butter marple syrup powder. While Georgia drank some coffee I chose a local tea that not only look amazing but even tasted better! Like a hot fruit punch… aaaamazing.


Then we went to do one of the “10-things-you-have-to-do-in-Taipei” things: This is a hike similar to the Lion Rock in Hong Kong. You walk up steps until you reach a point (not very high, no worries) from where you can oversee Taipei. Of course we took some pictures on our way and then at the top.


You should have been able to see the 101 Tower – but our photographer did apparently not care about the sightseeing-aspect of this picture, so Georgia stands directly in front of it… ups.

From there you can either turn around, go for a longer hike or walk to the other side of the mountain and another route back to the beginning of the trail (thats what we did).

and take some more pictures:

okay I have one more collage 😀


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