Waterfall Hike

The next day I started my tour into the nature. Originally I had wanted to go by bike but due to the rainy weather and my untrained condition when it comes to cycling for 11 hours I changed my plans to taking the train: Go to Taipei Main Station and buy a train ticket for 200NT$. So I arrived at 9 am in Jiaoxi, where I warmed up and got breakfast at….Starbucks. Sure, because that is the only breakfast place with Western breakfast that is open at that time of the day. Then I took the minibus from Jiaoxi Main Station at 10am to Wufengshui Waterfall:

Thanks to the signs the waterfall itself is pretty easy to find. Unfortunately I could only go to the first of all three stages, because some storm had made it impossible to hike further up.

But I did not falter, since I wanted to see as much as possible of nature around this town before continuing my trip to Hualien. So I walked to a beautiful church, before continuing walking up the street, curious of what I might find up there.

And well, I found a trail and just kept walking, reassured that I was indeed following an official trail, when there were people coming down that part, friendly greeting me in Mandarin and smiling at me πŸ™‚ They are so nice in Taiwan! Not that I have met many unfriendly people during my travels, but if you just greet them with an exhausted smile and a quiet “nihao”, they will smile at you, maybe talk to you (no worries, just tell them in English that you don’t understand them, they won’t care πŸ˜€ ) and help you, offer you a seat next to them on the bench or some water or fruits. People are friendly – get used to it πŸ˜‰

After 4km I finally arrived at the bottom of a waterfall and learned, that I just had reached the BEGINNING of the Marian Hiking Trail. Well, since I neither had the time nor energy to complete the other trail of 4 more km up the waterfall, I just took some pictures at the bottom; but I would totally recommend doing that hike first, if you want to see a really beautiful display of nature.

I then took the bus back to the main station (btw its 20NT$) and booked my train to Hualien. If you are not traveling at a weekend, you should be able to purchase train tickets without booking them online or in advance by just walking in to the ticket office. If it is a weekend though, I would highly recommend to book in advance.


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