Night Market!!!

This evening we finally made it to the night market!
I started with Korean rice rolls:

Then tried the Taiwanese Springroll. The basic seasonig is the same and then you can add eitther vegetables or chicken or pork or whatever you want. Be prepared, the basis contains cinnamon and sugar!:)

This is Wing (from Hong Kong) and me eaing the Springroll

And then thee Taiwanese guy and a guy from Hong Kong went crazy buying fried sweet potatoes, fried crab, blood rice cake, fried tofu and fried chicken. As you might have noticed, 90% of the food here is fried…

This was our group if the night:

Next to me is Jan from the US

As desert (and yeah, sure I was already full but helloo? There is always place for desert…!) I bought caramalized fruits, whic are my favourite things in Germany on the Christmas Market. But they were not that good in Taiwan so I would recommend to eat something else 😉



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