River Trekking

I love water. That is my element and since it was too stormy to do kayaking on the sea I went river trekking. Many (from my hostel “comfy hostel”) booked this tour for me with “The River King”. I booked the 8am-12am tour for 900NT$ and was picked up at 8am;) We then got our wetsuits and boots, life jackets and helmets and prepared for the “hike”. Fortunately I wasn’t doing this in my own but rather together with students from Taiwan ans Singapore. And as so often the girls warmed up to me and translated the necessary things: That basically means I asked them after 5 mintes “anything important ?” and they would say “hold on to your life jacket πŸ˜„”. Well, I understood that from the gestures the guides made… 

After climbing up and getting into the river

We were supposed to get wet

Because we would be pushed into the water in the next few minutes:

And then be washed down the river again:

After climbing up a few rocks and walking through a little waterfall:

We assembled for a group picure:

Before getting to do the real fun: Cliff jumping. This is the 3m jump:

Aand then the 5m. First out of a standing position and then after runnig a few meters πŸŽ‰

I looooove it! πŸ’™

We then turned around and walked back, taking more pictures before finally getting some instant noodles and going home (1pm). 

You can take your Go-Pro with you but I wouldn’t recommend it. They have one guide, who takes pictures all the time. 


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