I got up early, bought some breakfast scones at McD’s and then took the train back to Taipei – and even though I wanted to see the scenery again and this time probably in light, I could not stay awake and fell asleep right away. I then walked to my new hostel in Taipei: The TaipeiTaipeiHostel. Located 5 minutes away from the main station, this was pretty convenient and easy to find. After getting rid of my backpack, I pack the necessary stuff and took the MTR to the Fine Arts Museum again, where I visited a school, that had the most beautiful temple. Traveling through Asia means, that you will see so many temples in red and gold and with amazing buddha statues. But After a while it sort of gets old, so I was relieved and amazed by the wooden structure of the temple and the simplicity that I could find there!

I than got some lunch at Zùo Zùo Cafe in Mín an Il: a nice vegetarian sandwich and orange Coffee…


From there I went to the Contemporary Art Museum – which was quite small, but really good and I managed to relaxe a bit and just enjoy the different pieces of art. Here are some pictures of the first floor:

And the second floor (those are actually slowly moving videos):

And then some really great paintings:

After that I picked up some Sushi to go from Sushi Express at the Main Station; I can really recommend this sushi, you can chose for yourself, what you want to take with you and it was really tasty. While I ate dinner in the common room at the hostel, I talked to my roommate Andy from the US, who invited me to go dancing the next day with him and some friends from the UK – so I just said yes!


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