Chang Kei Shek and SING!

I totally overslept. So I had to change my hiking plans into sight seeing plans, also I was not really motivated. But after a long breakfast (included at the hostel) I started of and walked all the way from the hostel to the national museum (the only english exhibition was about the importance of the bicycle in Taiwan – interesting but it only took me 20 minutes to go through the whole museum) and through a park,

passing several important looking buildings before ending up at the Chang Kei Shek Memorial. And this is really worthy to visit. Here you can see the entrance (left side) and the National Theater and the National Opera House (right side).

If you then turn around (well you will walk through that entrance so you will have already seen it) you are directly in front of the memorial (though this is a close up picture):


Standing on top of those stairs you have a great view back from where you probably came:


Turning around again, you see the guy, who lives in this memorial 😉


I do not feel prepared to explain to you, why he is worthy of this huge memorial. But I can say, that they teach you this at the first floor in this building: There is a museum with the history of Taiwan and the role, that Chang Kei Shek played in it. Above is a floor for many art pieces of students I guess, but they are pretty awesome already:

After that Museum I walked back to Ximending – that is the place where you can do all your shopping! And watched SING! at the cinema, hiding from the rain outside and just relaxing with a movie – a perfect day.


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