THE Fisher Village?

Originally the others wanted to go to a town near Taipei, where the famous animation movie maker from Japan (you all know who I mean right? klick here) is supposed to have gotten his inspiration from. But they were all pretty hungover, so I decided to follow a recommendation of a friend from HK to a pretty amazing temple near the Japanese fisher village. Well, as you might imagine: there is not only one Japanese fisher village. But after I found out what bus to take (it took me an hour to find that out), I waited (as instructed) until the final station to get off. Only to realized that there was probably some information lost on the way and I should have asked her again. But well, I was already at the place without a working simcard and internet so I made the best out of a really windy and thankfully not (yet) rainy situation: I followed the bicycle trail to what seemed to be the coast line and a temple far away from me.

Did I mention that it was quite windy? 😀 From the beach I made it to the temple – and that was the last key for me to realize that I was at the totally wrong place: This temple was just build and not even finished yet. So I then followed the maps along the road back to where I had come from (the YMCA) and then past that to walk to a cliff.

At the cliff you were able to follow different trails (no worries, they were not exhausting and were basically different streets), but this one was the happy buddha trail, cute right?


And then I got the prize of the day. Look at this:


And then I started to take some pictures – I was alone after all…


It took me several times, but I made it:

And then found another picture spot. I just loved it there and could have stayed for so much longer than I already did. The strong wind, the stormy waves. It was incredible.


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