Three Waterfalls Hike

This time I did my research in addition to the tipps and tricks of my friend Julia. Go to the Main Station and book a train ticket to Sandiaoling. It will take about 45-60 minutes with the train to get there. Bring enough water and some food, in case you hike for about 4 hours, like I did. Don’t worry if there is no one getting of the train at Sandiaoling, its a pretty small station. Then follow the railroad tracks and cross them when you see an elementary/primary school on the right side. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

This is where the trail starts. You will find signs and maps on the way, so do not worry. 

Very soon you will see the first waterfall, that is 25m wide and pretty high and you cannot walk right to it, you will only see it from the distance, but this one is clearly the best waterfall on the whole hike 🙂


Number 1

From there you just follow the trail, walking on your own, I did not meet anyone while hiking that day. So if you go on your own, like I did, please tell someone where you are, so that they know where to look for you if anything should happen.

The muddy trail lead me to the second waterfall:

Number 2

The second one is falling down for – do not make me lie… I would say 10 meters?

To get to the third one you will need to climb to where the water, well, falls over the cliff (see picture on the left). Therefore they installed a ladder of wooden sticks. Its safe, but pretty exciting 😉

Number 3

the spot on the right side (picture of the second row, right side) is where I nearly died. And I am not joking, which is why I told you to let someone know, where you are. I wanted to take a picture at the right side and slipped on the wet stones, only not falling into the water, because I managed to hold on to a hole in the stone. So please stay on the trail, bring good shoes and do not be as stupid as I have been that day. After that shock I stayed on the trail and tried to walk as carefully as possible.


The trip to the three waterfalls takes you about an hour when you are on your own. If you travel with other people, you probably take longer but I would say it can easily be done in 1 hour and 30 minutes. From there you can decide, whether you want to go back to the station, or continue on another trail -> that is what I did, so the whole thing took me 4-5 hours that day. You then end at the train station before Sandiaoling, where you can also visit the mines and a museum, but I quit on that and just took the train back, ready to fall asleep.


I would always recommend this hike, especially in summer I imagine it to be a great day trip – take some food with you and some friends and then you can picnic at one of the smaller falls (see the picture above) later on the trail.


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