Mama Mu

Back in HK my friend Kieke hat basically inspired me to go to SaPa in the first place. I didn’t plan to do it until she spoke so highly of her trip. She didn’t book a hostel and adviced me to just get a sleeper bus to SaPa and then wait for THE WOMAN to approach me. Well. That is exactly what I am telling you to do now! This is how it happend:

I got off my bus at 5am and stepped into a dark SaPa with 20 taxi driver and hotel advertiser around me. I just kept saying “no, thank you” and was already seeing myself sitting on a bench in the dark, waiting for THE WOMAN to show up around 7am. Perfect. I could already see my parents getting a heart attack – and I can see them shaking their heads at me while reading this right now – sorry! 🙈

But, you can trust Mama Mu! She was there at 5am, seing me wandering around and talking to me in her broken English, showing me her blue book, where people from the UK, France, Vietnam, Germany etc. had written their thankful thoughts in it. And I thought “srew it, I trust you” and booked her homestay for 600.000 VNDong. This is for one night and two days, the transport on theor motorbike to their house 20 minutes from SaPa and breakfast, lunch, dinner and accomodation. 

So my first ride on a motorbike was at 5am, in a pitch dark night with Mama Mu’s Scarf around my head and one of my hands holding on to her husbanf Papa Ke (if I remember correctly). If you meet such a woman in SaPa (she is there nearly every morning!) and she is showing you a bloo little book: I wrote a note in red ink and signed as Pia from Germany 😉

At the house they prepared my bed and I got to sleep four more hours!

Ps: I will change the feature pictures and add some more as soon as I have acces to the ones on my camera…


One thought on “Mama Mu

  1. What an adventure, Pia. I did not get a heart attack but Im really impressed how brave you are and Im happy that all went well. Mum


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