Rice Fields

When Kieke convinced me to go to SaPa I was excited to see the green rice fields. Just goggle it, it looks amazing! But Kieke travelled in August and I decided to do this in December so I should not be surprised that it looked slightly different. 

When I woke up at 9am again I was freezing (the house doesn’t have windows yet and one side is also missing) and hungry and when I walkeed out off the house I was greeted by 5 little children (age 1?!) basically walking around naked and barefooted and happy. I also was intrudueed to Scott and Jem from the UK, who stayed with Mama Sese, Mama Mu’s sister in law and living next door. We got some coffee and breakfast together: omlett, pancakes and bananas! It was really delicious and visiting those families you will soon learn that it is their intention to fill you with food. 

Afte talking for a while we left with Mama Sese to do a tour through their village. On our way we met other people staying with the locals, so I think finding a homestay is really ot difficult. 

What I learned that day:

  1. The men walk all the way up the mountains to get wood for their houses and their fires. 
  2. The women walk up the mountain and carry down the firewood, while the men take the heavy wood for the house on the shoulders or pull it behind their motorbikes. 
  3. The women tend to the household: cooking, cleaning and making their traditional clothing by hand! To creat a decorated pillowcase they need a month!
  4. The different tribes wear different colours and stitching and haave basically no contact with one another. 

After our little tour to the waterfall, the british couple left for SaPa again and I walked back with Mama Sese to get some lunch and read my book. 

From left to right: Mama Sese, Mama Mu, Me. 


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