Even more food

That night they gave what they call “happy water”. I highly recommend it, but eat something as well, since they will give you very strong homemade rice licqueur and refill it whenever you finished the round. Actually the sentence they probably say the most is “eat more food”! But who am I to complain right;) So after we went to bed at 7.30pm the other day (I cannot remember when was the last time that I did that), they gave me theee thick blankets this time and I was not freezing but rather sweating that night. I was packed into my little warm cloud and did not want to leave that, but at some point your body has certain needs. This was also the first time that I was squatting over the toilet with a huge pig watching me over its fence 😂🙈✌🏻️

Breakfast was our leftovers from the night before:

That is fried rice with egg, chicken with tomato, chilli and onions from their garden, springrolls filled with herbs and noodles and, well, bananas. Ah, and rice of course!

Since it was all foggy outside and cold and Mama Mu did already walk back from SaPa at 5.30am, we did not do the promised 5 hours hiking tour. You couldn’t see a thing anyway. So I went off by my own, at forst walking up the hill and then walking down again, following the road and meeting Paul and Jessica from Hong Kong. 

So I walked with them for a while until we had to turn around: Our homestay-mums were preparing lunch. On our way back we met a nice woman from Colone, traveeling on her own as well and renting a scooter. There is lots off stuff you can do around SaPa. So if you come here, take more than 2 days and come in the summer!

If you want to prebook, here is Mama Mu’s phone number:


I then had lunch with the family and bought some earrings, took some pictures and packed my things.

 Then Papa Ke brought me back to SaPa. 

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