Purchasing a ticket

Back in SaPa I had about 5 hours to find the office of my bus company. But since I did not get a receipt on my way to SaPa I expected it to be a struggle to get my return ticket without having to pay again. Sinve the office of HaSonHaiVan is located directly opposite to the market place off SaPa and directly next to the bus station, you would think that I found it right away. Well. Of course I didn’t. So I went through the market first.

 Then asked for help, after politely declining every motorbike-offer, and found the office. And then they drama began, because the woman either did not understand my problem, or rather did not want to. When she did not stop trying to sell me another ticket, I made her call the company I had booked my tickets with. And after some yelling from her, some confirming my booking number from my side, and some more yelling I finally got my ticket. Let’s hope that I can take the bus now without having to pay again (I will tell you how it goes). 

So then I walked through the fog, trying to find the christmas market that we had past earlier. But it was too far away and I did not want to get lost and miss my bus. So I drank my first cup of the famous Vietnamese coffee in the only café that I could find that actually closed it doors. Everyone else seems go think that it is the smart thing to wear you winter clothes and leave all windows and doors wide open…

On my way back I passed a temple and then was glad when I found the bus station again. 

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