Cu Chi Tunnel

Learning more about Vietnam’s history, we booked the tour to see the tunnel system that helped the Vietkong to outsmart the Americans. If you book this tour with your hostel it is pretty cheap (about 220.000 vnd). They picked us up at our hostel and then took us out of Saigon first, stopping at a souvenir place outside the city, where we could buy souvenirs (β˜πŸ»οΈπŸ™„πŸ˜„), food or coffee or smoothies for example and use the bathroom of course. Because the whole drive to the tunnels is about two hours minimum (so the tour is from 8am until 3pm at least!). 

Our tour guide was a US-Veteran, who had fought in the Vietnam War and then moved to Vietnam. He had a very critical and interesting opinion about the war and managed to entertain the group, although he had a mean side and sometimes I felt sorry for the poor American tourists in our group, sonce he was constanly making fun of them. 

The tourist attractions is exactly that: full of tourists and actually overcrowded. But it was worth it trying to get through the tunnels and seeing the simple weapons the Vietkong used to defeat the American soldiers. 


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