Looking for Elefants

We woke up with one dog on our bed and the other standing next to my head and then went out to get some breakfast: Lucky had prepared baguettes, Peanutbutter and Bananas and hot water for some instant coffee. B (from Australia) wanted to go for a hike and we joined her. Unfortunately we must have missed the bus because we waited for 30 minutes and then decided to skip the 4 hour hike to the three peaks and back and do the Elefant Waterfall instead…

So we took the bus #10 (this is about 20.000 no matter where you get on the bus), told the driver to let us off at the falls and then enjoyed our ride and the amazing view (pictures will be posted later).

At the waterfalls you have to pay a 20.000 vnd fee and then follow the signs. 

I would recommend you wear good shoes, because the stones will be slippery and then follow the trail and the tourists on the right trail first and do the left turn on you way back. And then just be patient, until it is only the waterfall:

Or the waterfall and me:

Or, well, the waterfall and people (in this case Isabelle and B) in general:

Walking back you can take pictures of a different perspective aaaand from behind the waterfall, climbing through a narrow stone path:

And getting wet:


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