Back to Saigon

After our coffee, we changed into new clothes and wanted to walk to the next tourist information to find out, what else we could do in Can Tho.

It was so unbelievable hot and we walked about an hour with our backpacks on our backs, until google maps finally lead us to the tourist information:


So yes, this is an internet coffee place… as you can see we also realized that and walked back but at some point gave up and took a cab to the real tourist information – that was directly in the opposite building to our coffee place from the morning. Since it was about 1pm already, we were really tired and exhausted and the only things you can do in Can Tho seem to be the Floating Markets (we did that) and a Bike Tour  (we really did not want to do that in the sun at 1pm), we booked our bus back to Saigon – which still takes 3 hours.

In Saigon we took the bus from the main station into the city, which is way cheaper than a cab and probably not even less fast: Bus number 02 takes you to Ben Thaugh Market (Cho Ben Thaugh), that is located directly in the center of Saigon, and cots only 5000 Dong each.  Before going to our hostel we walked to a shop, that Isi had heard about before and I can tell you, if you love pottery or are in Vietnam on your honeymoon – go here and buy a looooot! It is called Sadec District and for now my new favorite place to buy pottery.

 We than had dinner at Wrap and Roll, a place to make your own spring rolls, that was really good, 

before finally collapsing on our beds at the GoCo Hostel. I cannot say anything about the breakfast or how it is to stay there for a longer period of time, because we left very soon in the morning. But the beds were fine and the shower amazing, the staff really friendly and helpful (they carried our bags upstairs!) and you can make your own coffee/tea and probably dinner there as well.


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