Visiting Switzerland

From Da Lat Isi and I took the sleeper bus to Can Tho, the capital of the Mekkong Delata – which is an area in southern Vietnam as big as Switzerland. So when you read about a one-day-trip to the Mekkong Delta you will understand, why we did not want to start from Saigon.

Our bus arrived at 5am in the morning and we took a cab to the center of the city. There we wanted to charter a little boat for a few hours to drive us around the floating markets. When we got off the taxi we were immediately confronted with a Vietnamese woman, who wanted to sell us a boat ticket. But she offered a ride on a tourist boat for 300.000 and we just knew that we could get it cheaper. But no. Not if you are in Can Tho, because here the anoying woman (she even appears on the field) rules the quai and interrupts every bargain you might start. People are afraid to deal with you and so we booked a tour in a smaller boat for 350 (originally 400 – always in thousands, guys. If I say 400 that equals 400.000 Dong) and a two hours tour.

The tour was worth it! So we soon forgot about the igly encounter at the promenade and enjoyed the view:

At some point a boat will approach you and offer coffee or tea and if you want to buy some you just say so.

Our guide took us too a noodle place, where we got our breakfast:

It costs 30 we then offered to buy a soup for the guide as well; he was really thankful 🙂


After that tour we tried the sport instruments along the promenade



Before enjoying our coffe with yoghurt at VivaCoffee. Soooo good:


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