Reliving History

We got up pretty early, so that we could have breakfast before starting the day with the National War Museum of Vietnam. It is an amazing exhibition about the background of the war, the soldiers, the photographers and the people, who helped Vietnam against the USA. But although the pictures show so much cruelty and sorrow, you should never forget and keep it in your mind while walking through it, that this is only the perspective of the Vietnamese government. This is still a communist country, where it is not common to print the perspectives of the former enemy.

But still I would not want to miss out on that experience, so getting up early before our flight to Hoi An, was definitely worth it!

You cannot fly to Hoi An directly, but we took the flight to Da Nang. From there you have to take a cab into town, don’t let them tell you otherwise, because from the city you can take the yellow bus number 1 to Hoi An of 30000 Dong. Ask the ladies at the tourist information for a map and then you can find the bus.


In Hoi An our Hotel send a bus to pick us up and I can tell you, the Sunflower Hotel was our favorite Hotel during our trip! They have a bar and a pool and breakfast buffet and organize cooking trips or tourist tours for you. Everyone says that you always stay than anticipated in Hoi An. Well, we stayed for 5 full days. Can you imagine that?! 😀 And it was raining for the whole time!

Although it was New Years Eve, we were not really ready to dance – but after dinner and our free drinks from the bar we met some friends from HK (OMG 😀 ), who got the recommendation from the same friend as I did, so we suddenly became a large girls group, playing table soccer and then heading out to DANCE!


On the dance floor, I also met a friend from HOME, who just happened to spend his winter vacation in Vietnam and his New Year Party in Hoi An – and we managed to meet on the dance floor without knowing, what the other would wear. It was crazy and fun and a really great time!


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