Happy New Year

After we enjoyed our amazing breakfast buffet at the hotel, before we went to Ylang Ylang Spa – the place, where you get a full body massage for 60 minutes, some tea and cookies and can start relaxe into the new year.

We then walked down into the “city”, impressed by all those stores, selling leather, clothes, just waiting for you to walk in and order something tailored. We then stayed for some time in one of our two favorite coffee places in town: Coffee Roaster and Cocobox. Try the lemon meringue pie. It does not only look  like art, it tastes like lemon-haven. Just the right combination of sweet and soury.

On our way back later that day we found what was going to be our tailoring shop. I actually had not thought of getting something done, but it was literally raining all day long, so there was not much else to do. Isi and I discovered the store “Funky Tailor”. The women are really nice and change your stuff as often as you would like them too. The prices are reasonable compared to what you might get at other places, for every additional item you get a discount off. I got a suit, while Isi got a Jumpsuit and we both got a blouse. You can either bring a sample of what you want, a picture, something that belongs to your sister and you want one yourself. They make it for you. You then pick your fabric and – if you do not have a clothing in mind before – something out of a catalogue that they have in the store.

In Hoi An you can get every Wester food you like. But we wanted something authentic (besides, we already had had our share of coffee and Western cake that day) and so we asked our tailor for a recommendation. And found a nice lady right around the corner, who sells street food:

This is a special kind of noodle soup, that is only served in central Vietnam – and was our dinner for the following five evenings.


I think I remember correctly, that her name was Phuong. So if you see her, take a seat, this is were the locals eat, and the food is great 🙂


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