Another happy sunday

I arrived in cold cold Germany two weeks ago. And I am still really sorry that my blog is not up to date and you are still waiting for my pictures and stories from Taiwan AND Vietnam. Sorry. I will update those adventures in February, when I have all my notes, my pictures, and some time;)

So what am I up to these days? I am doing an internship in Frankfurt am Main (FFM) and this Sunday I started my let’s-discover-FFM tour. 

So Franzi, Sarah and Jana joined me for breakfast at Im Glueck. Located at the north end in FFM, we took the tram 12 and then relaxed in a cozy little cafĂ© with great coffee, amazing breakfast choices and a very relaxed Sunday morning atmosphere. 

Our choices and recommendations:

Vegetarian Breakfast: different options of cheese and raspberry Marmelade with different choices off bread. 

Self-made cereal with milk, fruits and Greek Joghurt.

Some cappucino:

After sitting a while we also craved some more tea and found mint tea

As well as ginger mint tea

In the great menue:

I will visit this great place again, maybe starting the Sunday with some nice Chia-Pudding and champagne, enjoying life, food and friends at this beautiful place. 

Just think off making a reservation for your relaxed breakfast. This place is tiny and everyone wants to go there;)

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