Climbing meets Waterfall

Hello again, I know it took me a while (well, 6 months…) to update this post, but here it is!

When Isi and I were in Dalat (Vietnam), I booked a tour with Dalat Adventure Tours to do waterfall-climbing. We were a group of 12 and started by walking and jumping backwards:


And then we took the first waterfall:

The difficult thing about climbing down is that you always have to be horizontally to the wall – and you always think that you are, but you are not. The problem is, that if you are not truly horizontally to the wall, your feet will slip away and you will fall against it. So listen to the guides, they tell you if you have to lean back further.

After climbing down, we tried another hill again, because from there the jumps and climbs got more difficult and higher:

The next climb was a difficult one. We were between two walls with the waterfall in our back and later in our faces – so the most important rule was : do not panic.


At this point we were allowed to let go and just slowly slide downwards. But 5 seconds after this picture was taken I was soaked by the waterfall behind me.

If you wanted to, you also were allowed to jump into that gap, that you just climbed down (the picture above). And well, I wanted to top myself because I had never jumped down a cliff of 11m. And believe me, I screamed all the way down (as you can see):

In addition to the hight it was also more complicated than the jumps before, because you could not jump forward – you would have hit the wall right in front of you. So you basically just took one step over the cliff. I can tell you, my heart was beating fast, but it was so much fun!

After lunch, we could jump a few more times (8m) and slide over the pond. Letting go of the handgrip often resulted in people landing flat on their faces in the water, since we were tied to the whole thing only at our waist.


And then we got our final slide – our guide encouraged us to do a backflip. And although it is open to improvement, I at least tried. I landed face down, but you would have never known, hadn’t I just told you that 😉

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After the whole thing, we were happy to change back into dry clothes and got a good-by-beer as well. Thank you very much, I had so much fun with you!