Climbing meets Waterfall

Hello again, I know it took me a while (well, 6 months…) to update this post, but here it is!

When Isi and I were in Dalat (Vietnam), I booked a tour with Dalat Adventure Tours to do waterfall-climbing. We were a group of 12 and started by walking and jumping backwards:


And then we took the first waterfall:

The difficult thing about climbing down is that you always have to be horizontally to the wall – and you always think that you are, but you are not. The problem is, that if you are not truly horizontally to the wall, your feet will slip away and you will fall against it. So listen to the guides, they tell you if you have to lean back further.

After climbing down, we tried another hill again, because from there the jumps and climbs got more difficult and higher:

The next climb was a difficult one. We were between two walls with the waterfall in our back and later in our faces – so the most important rule was : do not panic.


At this point we were allowed to let go and just slowly slide downwards. But 5 seconds after this picture was taken I was soaked by the waterfall behind me.

If you wanted to, you also were allowed to jump into that gap, that you just climbed down (the picture above). And well, I wanted to top myself because I had never jumped down a cliff of 11m. And believe me, I screamed all the way down (as you can see):

In addition to the hight it was also more complicated than the jumps before, because you could not jump forward – you would have hit the wall right in front of you. So you basically just took one step over the cliff. I can tell you, my heart was beating fast, but it was so much fun!

After lunch, we could jump a few more times (8m) and slide over the pond. Letting go of the handgrip often resulted in people landing flat on their faces in the water, since we were tied to the whole thing only at our waist.


And then we got our final slide – our guide encouraged us to do a backflip. And although it is open to improvement, I at least tried. I landed face down, but you would have never known, hadn’t I just told you that 😉

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After the whole thing, we were happy to change back into dry clothes and got a good-by-beer as well. Thank you very much, I had so much fun with you!



How to start a saturday

This is my subjective opinion. But I can only recommend Ginko – a great place to have breakfast with your friends and family. 

As always I have some proof for the amazing dishes we ate:

If you do not have enough of food after that, do it as we did and explore the “Kleine Markthalle” for even more delicious stuff:

We also explored the museum with the amazing exhibition about Renée Magritte – I liked it but if you are not into surrealistic pictures or problem solving… do not go?;)

Ein bisschen Indien

If you want to get some great Indian dinner in Frankfurt, I would definitely recommend EatDoori. This place is awesome decorated and the food is great as well. 

I tried the Indian Summer Salad with some kind of Indian Cheese (really yummy). The cheese has the consistency of tofu (the good stuff) and a light cheesy after taste. 

As drink I can totally recommend the Kardamom-Lassi 

and the dessert. Oh guys. Try the Chai Cheesekace with sweet Fennel 😍

This is Conny buy the way. She got a cheesecake as birthday gift from EatDoori. 

Make a reservation if possible!;)

My Sugar Mama

Celebrating my birthday took me two days this year 😂

After drinking wine, talking and eating amazing chocolate cake the other day, we had brunch this saturday at Sugar Mama. A great place to be, to relaxe and enjoy food. Since they do not serve breakfast, we just started with lunch and afternoon cake: 

Feta Quiche

Apple Bacon Corn Sandwich

Peanut Brownie


Happy with my friends, the food and just life in general:

Spring feelings 🌷🌹🌻🌼🌸🌺

Even though the wind is still cold sometimes, the sun was shininh today and Franzi, Kathrin and I met for coffee at Sugar Mama. An amazing place, where you can also sit outside. And that was exactly what we did this afternoon:

(And yes I know that this is a picture with the interior rather than the outside view…)

While I was absolutely in love with my cheesekace

The others ate crumble cake with vanilla ice cream. Also very delicious! Thanks to our cappucino and chai latte we managed to stay outside for a few hours!

The Rich

Apparently live in Bad Homburg. At least thats what everyone is telling me. So I took my chance and walked around the city after having breakfast at Café Klatsch

And then passed all the little shops

Before entering the church:

After walking through the old castle 

(there is a nice coffe place inside as well!)

I continued to stroll through the old part of the city, where I found a wine shop (if I am doing wine tasting you will be the first to know about it) and little boutiques:

In the Livingroom

Keeping up my one week old tradition to go for breakfast in FFM at least once a weak lead us to Amélies Wohnzimmer (=livingroom) today. 

Although we had to make a reservation the places wasn’t packed in the beginning (they serve breakfast until 5pm on weekends so the people came later) and even when they came the atmosphere stayed quite comfortable and just like a large livingroom – well done. 

And then came the breakfast❤

I can tell you it was amazing and I would recommend this place to everyone: I tried the vegan dish and it was delicious (and I love meat):

My friends in crime that day, Franzi and Kathrin, shared some things:

Together with a large cappucino, 

orange juice for them and strawberry smoothie for me, we were veeery happy 🙃

Another happy sunday

I arrived in cold cold Germany two weeks ago. And I am still really sorry that my blog is not up to date and you are still waiting for my pictures and stories from Taiwan AND Vietnam. Sorry. I will update those adventures in February, when I have all my notes, my pictures, and some time;)

So what am I up to these days? I am doing an internship in Frankfurt am Main (FFM) and this Sunday I started my let’s-discover-FFM tour. 

So Franzi, Sarah and Jana joined me for breakfast at Im Glueck. Located at the north end in FFM, we took the tram 12 and then relaxed in a cozy little café with great coffee, amazing breakfast choices and a very relaxed Sunday morning atmosphere. 

Our choices and recommendations:

Vegetarian Breakfast: different options of cheese and raspberry Marmelade with different choices off bread. 

Self-made cereal with milk, fruits and Greek Joghurt.

Some cappucino:

After sitting a while we also craved some more tea and found mint tea

As well as ginger mint tea

In the great menue:

I will visit this great place again, maybe starting the Sunday with some nice Chia-Pudding and champagne, enjoying life, food and friends at this beautiful place. 

Just think off making a reservation for your relaxed breakfast. This place is tiny and everyone wants to go there;)

Last Day in Vietnam

So this is my final day. And what better way then to spend it with Halong Bay?

Since I only had one day for this I booked a day tour (obviously). But if you have time, take at least two days. Because a day tour means: 4 hour bus ride – 4 hour cruise – 4 hour bus ride. You are literally more on a bus than at the bay.

I did the tour on my own, but met amazing girls from Uruguay, who told me that we could be friends – and we still are and text sometimes 🙂


I will not tell you more about this beautiful place, because you should do the tour. But of course I will show you some of my pictures, so that you can already enjoy, dream and anticipate your vacation 😉

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Hanoi – Culture

Isi lived in Hanoi, so she had already done the cultural things, but I walked to the Literature temple, where every school girl and boy wanted a picture with me. I could not walk for 5 meters. They were really cute, but at some point I fled the temple 😀

From there it is about 500 meters to the Fine Museum of Art.Additionally to traditional and very old Vietnamese pottery and paintings, they show some great new work like :

I then met Isi and her friend for a quick and impressive walk through the old prison:

From there we walked around the city, watching people, drinking coffee and just enjoying the beautiful day.


If you are at the end of your trip, I hope you already have eaten the good stuff here, otherwise this is what you need to try before you go:

Coffee with yoghurt (that is what you can see on the pic on the right – delicious and great on a hot day!)

Bun Bo Nam Bo

and Bun Cha (DO NOT trust my pictures here. Those are the right dishes, I just always forget what is what…)