Hanoi – Culture

Isi lived in Hanoi, so she had already done the cultural things, but I walked to the Literature temple, where every school girl and boy wanted a picture with me. I could not walk for 5 meters. They were really cute, but at some point I fled the temple 😀

From there it is about 500 meters to the Fine Museum of Art.Additionally to traditional and very old Vietnamese pottery and paintings, they show some great new work like :

I then met Isi and her friend for a quick and impressive walk through the old prison:

From there we walked around the city, watching people, drinking coffee and just enjoying the beautiful day.


If you are at the end of your trip, I hope you already have eaten the good stuff here, otherwise this is what you need to try before you go:

Coffee with yoghurt (that is what you can see on the pic on the right – delicious and great on a hot day!)

Bun Bo Nam Bo

and Bun Cha (DO NOT trust my pictures here. Those are the right dishes, I just always forget what is what…)



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